Friday, 25 March 2011


All of these are done using different photoshop tools. Such as the gradient tool and turning layers into pin light and lumonosity.


I was not a 100% on what I was doing here and this is not amazing and I think if I knew more about what I was doing I would have found this a lot easier.

Ink me!

This was made by tracing over an image, scanning that in and overlapping it on the image. Then making ink and oil marks on another piece of paper scanning it in and again overlapping and then changing the transparacny.


I made this by creating the background first using a stamp and overlapping them. I then placed the image in and saturated it down. I used the paintbrush to block out the eyes and then used cut out letters to create the words.

More experementation

I made this again using stamps, I overlapped stamps after I had colourd them to give this effect. I also used liquify to change some of the background do the image flowed better.

Messing around

I made the following images using vector based graphics and various stamps.